Makalsan Products

We ensure our plans and designs are bespoke for the desired product and offer you our expertise and professional recommendations. Once we understand what it is you want and need, we use the highest level machinery to begin the production process.


Established in 1985, we have been industry leaders in metal cutting and have always strived to provide quick solutions in an innovative way.

Our success has developed over the years with the Sliding Automat Benches, Index Automat Benches and the Six Shaft Automat Benches as well as Revolver Benches, Grinding Benches, Molder Lathe and Cutter in our warehouse.

Our understanding and ability to provide quality develops in line with market demands and our production and inspection systems are integrated with quality assurance principles.

Our quality management system is audited by ISO9001:2015 certification system both for increasing satisfaction of our business partners and in line with our business management policy. Our company, innovating its way to becoming industry leaders with over 30 years’ experience, aims to reach customers in Turkey and all around the world with its valuable experience developed in this field.